Multi-Table Poker Tournaments Are Not For The Faint Hearted, True!

One of the great fascinations with online Poker, is their multi-table Poker tournaments. This is something that exists only in the game of Poker and creates an element completely unique to this game. Australian no deposit casinos made it really easy when it comes to poker and freerolls tournaments. You have so many choices for free entry and real money payouts if you are smart enough to take advantage of their finest bonus deals. So if you doubt which casino sites to choose for free poker, Australian gambling platforms are the perfect choice.

Multi-table Poker tournaments are essentially Sit-and-Go tournaments however they are on a much grander scale. Put simply, they're played over many tables and can be played on as many as 500, all at the same time!

Needless to say a tournament of such a size creates a lot of excitement and frenzy, there can be a thousand players or more all actively being involved, but although the top players get a share of the Pot, there can only be one player that is ultimately the games big time winner.

Proceedings start with each player designated a table with nine other players. As play gets underway and progresses, players are eliminated, and as the table numbers decrease, there is eventually only one table left. Just as with a Single Table tournament, the game is reduced to just two opponents, and is won when one of them wins every remaining chip. The winner is then declared!

Now the leading players share in the prize pool and the winner claims the largest share. Multi-table Poker tournaments pay out more players than in Single Table tournament events, and it's not unusual for the finishing 5-10% players, to receive a percentage from the prize pool.

Over a period of time, the blinds start to steadily increase, this is done by design, with a view to encouraging others to participate. If that fails to materialize the resulting blinds will eat away at chip stacks, so there's constant ongoing decisions that need to be made with a cool head.

Not a game for the faint hearted this is a game where one constantly needs to be on their toes. Start conservatively and take time to observe all the crazy moves made, some people will do anything for money. Hasten slowly, in this game often he who dares loses, try not to be one of them!