So Who Wants To Be The First To Play Moby Dick Slots?

Moby Dick slots is a new game perhaps along the theme of Fish Party Slots. Although we are talking about a rather large fish here, some of the features to the game remain similar, this will either be to your liking or not.

Like all online casino games, slots are a game of chance. I mean we pay our money we take our chance. We are either blessed with good fortune or not. We like to be positive and think that we are, so let's dig around a little and see what all the excitement is about, with Moby Dick Slots.

I am not quite sure if the book Moby Dick, was ever considered a literary masterpiece, but it was certainly a very popular adventure for those who liked light relief.

It told the tale of a guy who hunted whales, although why he bothered I have to say alludes me, after all he would have needed a rather large net.

Anyhow, the book was named after the whale, Moby Dick, and with this Moby Dick slots adventure, we get to join in the hunt.

Like most games, a lot of the features remain the same, it's just the backdrop that varies. Same meat different gravy springs to mind.

We set out on our voyage amidst stormy seas, with the game bordered by wood we assume representing perhaps a wooden fishing boat, with ropes separating the reels.

The symbols you will want to familiarize yourself with other than Moby Dick who plays the part of the scatter, are a compass, an anchor, a, barrel, a harpoon, a sextant, a bell and a flag which is used for the wild.

If you like big wagers, a cool $5k jackpot awaits you, maybe you want to give it a spin?