The Cuban Hemingway Tournament - Marlin Or Bust?

The Cuban Big Game Fish Battle

The Cuban Hemingway fishing tournament is a tag and release tournament fought out by fisherman from around the world in pursuit of large deep sea fish such as the likes of wahoo, tuna, and marlin. Needless to say they have to use superior strength lines to be making such a catch capable of supporting one of these 500lb big boys and managing to haul it aboard.

The origins of the Hemingway fishing tournament date back to 1950 and today this international Billfish tournament is regarded as one of the longest running tournaments of its kind throughout the world, where fishermen will go to battle for four days against these monstrous deep water fish to claim their much sought after prize.

Hemingway, a journalist and author was widely regarded as one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. Having written such memorable novels as "For Whom The Bell Tolls" in 1940 he went on to write his last major work of fiction called "The Old Man and the Sea".

This was written by Hemingway in 1951 in Cuba and published the following year. It was to be one of his most memorable works which told the story of an elder fisherman called Santiago and his battle with a Marlin way out in the Gulf Stream. Such was the impact of this story, in 1953, he ended up collecting the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, which propelled him even further into 1954 where he was awarded the Nobel Prize In Literature.

It was no small wonder then, with his obvious passion for the sea and deep sea fishing on public display for all to see and recognize, as well as the awards he received in the literary field, his fishermen equals in Cuba proposed that this heavyweight yearly tournament for big game fishing should carry the Ernest Hemingway name in its title. Hemingway duly accepted the honor, prompting him no doubt to win the cup for its first 3 tournaments. He was to return back from Idaho in 1960 to newly named 'Marina Hemingway' to collect one further award, such was the passion of this old man of the sea.