Whales and Online Casino No-Deposit Bonus

Whales (yes, the ones you find in the ocean) are big, but you already knew that. So it doesn't take rocket science to figure out that the biggest gamblers in the casino industry are known by that name.

They are also commonly known as "high rollers." They are well-liked by casinos, for the most part, because not only do they have the ability to wager a lot of money, they have the ability to LOSE it as well. This takes an explanation.

A casino can have a customer walk in with a huge bankroll, but if that customer plays in such a manner that there is a reasonable expectation that the casino will win a considerable portion of that money, that is when the "whale" is most appreciated. Big-money gamblers who have the ability to play with at least some skill and win a little too often are not necessarily the desired "whales."

Not all casinos are after whales. That is because, even by dumb luck, they can win every once in a while, and small casinos without huge bankrolls themselves have a hard time sustaining that kind of loss. Some operations are perfectly content to grind money out of the "squares."

But for those who invite the action, competition exists to land the high-rollers. When they patronize a casino they want the best of everything - it is that simple. It is a foregone conclusion that they will get the full "R, F & B" treatment; that is, they will get their room, food and beverage comped for the length of their stay. How lavish all of that becomes could be the major determinant as to whether a casino gets a whale's business at all. Huge suites, villas, private planes and other extras are all on the table, and this level of player expects personalized service every step of the way.

That includes an adjustment with regard to the limits a "normal" customer can play in the casino. That all gets thrown out the window, and it is not uncommon at all to see private tables, and even private rooms, set aside for the pleasure of high-rollers.

Sure, casinos like to cater to whales, but they also understand that they constitute a very small percentage of the players they will encounter. That is why they also have programs to provide certain "extras" to regular customers. In the online casino world, this can be done by way of a VIP club, which awards "comp points" for frequent play, and can be redeemed for money, deposited into a player's account, at a certain point. Good and loyal customers can feel like high rollers with these programs.

Another program involves online casino bonuses. And one of them that is ideal for someone who is on a limited budget and is trying to find a comfort level with a casino is the "no-deposit bonus," in which the prospective customer can try out the casino's games, with the casino's money, so to speak, with the ability to keep the winnings, up to a certain point, upon such time as a deposit is ultimately made. It is a great way for players of all kinds to "take a free shot" and see how much value they can add to their experience.

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